Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm at work right now and so sick I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Or five. Sick enough I'm using such god awful cliches.

I think it was the sushi for lunch. I had yummy sushi, but I must have got the bad piece. I hope, like most food problems, it is resolved in the morning with only minimal damage. I missed TKD today. It was very sad.

Then again, I have been awful tired lately. Maybe it's been coming on for a couple weeks.

Linsey was very concerned when she saw me flopped over in my chair at the last break. Samson and Simon offered to take me home but I only have one class left, and even though Calvin's in it, he's pretty cowed today 'cause Jenny caught him cheating on her test. They probably won't have done their homework (god I'm such a bad teacher for hoping this is the case), so I think I can manage five minutes of play acting fury and disappointment followed by silent exercises. Many, many silent exercises.

I started this entry to keep my brain functioning, update you with details of my life you have no need or desire to know, and satiate your obsessive need to know my inner thoughts (ha ha). It has served its purpose. Please forgive any writing abhorrences.

I'm sure I can convince Samson to drive me home. Then it's sleep time.

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