Sunday, November 25, 2007

TV watching in Korea

I have cable in Korea. But there are only a few channels with English language programming. It's nice to have some, I'm not really complaining, but it does mean that I've been watching (I use this term loosely--I generally turn it on to have something in the background) a LOT of the Style Network. I know more about the latest celebrity news in America than any other news stories, which makes me feel a little sad and under informed, but apparently not enough to actually do something about it that often.

However, a couple days this week, the Style Network aired a new fancy ad for Samsung's Anyband experiment. Basically, it seems like they took some individual Korean pop stars and put them together to make this (warning, it's about nine minutes long):

What does it say about me that I'm completely obsessed with it? It's just so darn pretty... and cute... and optimistically dystopic.


  1. wow. that's awesome. i totally stole it for my blog :-)

  2. Yoink away. The madness must be shared.

    What the hell do they put in K-Pop that makes it so freaking addictive???

  3. Hey Diana, I sent you an email. My email has been weird. Tell me if you got it, please.



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