Thursday, November 1, 2007

School Halloween Party

Wow. Yesterday was almost as trippy as Saturday night! It was Halloween at Oedae Academy, and as the ambassadors of American/Canadian culture, we foreign teachers at the English hakwon put on our little Halloween show. I wore my Pippi costume, Samantha donned her cute witchy outfit, and Gwen wore devil horns and high heels. Even the Korean teachers wore a little Halloween flair, although we couldn't get Samson to wear the pink fairy wings--too bad! We played a lot of games and had pizza and fried chicken and sugary drinks & snacks for the kids. Some of the kids wore costumes, although most didn't. There was tons of cuteness all around, though, which made me feel better, even though I'm still fighting off the last remains of my cold.

So here are some ridiculously cute children for your enjoyment:

Andrew in costume, with friend

Betty, the gangsta princess, and Helen, the faerie queen. Billy as Frankenstein/Devil looks on in the background.

My really strange 2nd/3rd graders being really strange.

And, of course, the games... oh the games:

Pass the lifesaver game with Danny and friend, as Dragon looks on

Linking arms and racing game

Kenny (in TKD uniform) and friend play the candy catching game

The find the gum in the cream without using your hands game

The quiet study quiz game because Diana teacher and Gwen teacher have headaches.

And, of course, my personal favorite, the toilet paper mummy game

Gwen and Samson volunteered for this game. So cute!

I have many, many more pictures of cuteness, but I think it may be of substantially less interest to those who don't teach these little hellions/cutie pies/strange alien beings.

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