Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh, Costco...

Living abroad can be a little rough. You are used to being able to find certain goods and products with relative ease. Today, I had burritos again, but let me assure you that gathering all the right materials for the task was not easy. It involved hunting around a lot, flexibility, and several trips to Costco.

There is a Costco in Daegu that is not really accessible by subway. I don't know which bus to take, but since Gwen is now in America, I will probably have to figure that one out pretty quick. At Costco, you can get a lot of products from America that you can't find easily at E-mart and local stores. Like cheese (oh the delicious Pepper Jack on my burrito, I think I may love you!) and cereal bars and the good chocolate:

Five lbs of Hersheys, 32,990 won.

Why does this amuse me so much? Am I just far too easily entertained?

(No, I didn't buy it...)

Trouble with Costco is that, just like in the US, it's a bulk foods warehouse. So even though I wanted just one can of kidney beans, I now have 8. Will I go through 8 in a year? Probably. But it's weird buying them all at once. And just like in the US, it can be a money trap and a huge temptation for someone trying to lose weight. I just avoid the bakery section altogether! I spent almost $100 last time I went. Now, I got some awesome stuff that will help me eat well for awhile and enough cat litter to get Princess through winter, but really... that's a lot more than I normally spend on groceries for myself.

All in all, if you're looking for a taste of home, find a friend with a car and check it out--definitely worth it--but watch out for the Koreans in the food court. They're mean about snagging the raw onions for their pizza and hot dogs. Seriously.


  1. Have the Spam giftsets come out yet?

  2. They come and go. At Chuseok, they were everywhere. I believe they will come back closer to Christmas and Lunar New Year.

    And Spam is a luxury item. Why, you ask? Well, because it is.



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