Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Journal writing in Korean.

My homework assignment for Korean class this week was to memorize a Korean tongue twister (I'm still working on it) and to start a journal in Korean. Our teacher promised to read whatever we wrote. So here's my first entry (corrected by the Korean teachers at school, who thought it was the funniest thing in the world that I'm writing in Korean). I feel a little like I'm back in elementary school.

지난 주말 좋았어요. 토요일에, 한국어 YMCA에서 공부했어요. 우리 선생님 많이 좋아요. 수업 후에 트래시하고 쇼핑했어요. 코트 샀어요. 그리고 나지 일본 친구들 만났어요. 저녁 식사했어요. 그 후로 같이 술 마시고 침을 췄어요. 오전 세시에 집에 갔어요.

일요일, 한국 친구 만났어요. 날씨 많이 추윘어요. 그래서 같이 앞산에 등산했어요. 후에 시내에서 저녁 식사했어요. 그 후로, 집에 갔어요. 많이 피근했어요. 오후 열시부터 오진열시까지 잤어요!

Translation: Last weekend was good. Saturday, I studied Korean at the YMCA. We like our teacher a lot. After class, I shopped with Tracey. I bought a coat. And then I met Japanese friends. We ate dinner. Then we drank alcohol and danced together. At 3 a.m., I went home.

Sunday I met a Korean friend. The weather was very cold. But, we hiked Apsan together. After, we ate dinner downtown. Then I went home. I was very tired. I slept from 10 p.m. until 10 a.m.!

That took me about 20 minutes to write and the same again to type it just now.

Pathetic, right?

I really liked it, though. I think I'll write another one about taekwondo later today.


  1. I was so proud of my Minnesota essay, even though I sounded like a four year old. :)

    Good job.

    Hey, did you ever get the invite to join that martial arts group?

  2. Thanks, teacher ;-)

    Yeah, I joined. I just am too intimidated to post anything (plus I have nothing to add at this time). I'm only a green belt, after all...

    Oh my god. I just realized I'm a green belt from Greenbelt, MD. This is way too funny... I must need more sleep.

  3. Oh God, please introduce yourself! I specifically asked the list dudes to invite you BECAUSE you're new!

    (And BTW, green belt means nothing to me....your belts are different than ours. Which form are you working on?)

  4. I began 4장 with this belt. Yeah... the colors are strange.



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