Monday, November 26, 2007

Girl talk.

"How was your weekend?"

Se Jin turns her head a little. "It was terrible."

"Really? I'm sorry to hear that. What happened?"

"I had to go to my friend's wedding and help with the ceremony." From her tone of voice I know immediately what she is talking about. Single girl code transcends the boundaries of language.

"Yeah, weddings suck." She nods agreement. Quietly, "Sometimes I think, 남자 친구 있고 싶어요."

"Really?" She laughs and corrects my grammar, but I don't know the words she had me use, so I forget them now.

"A little. Well... sort of. It's like I get older, and I'm getting pickier and pickier. It's not enough anymore that he's cute and smart. He also has to be a good person, make me laugh, treat me very well... The list goes on. In a couple more years I may have managed to exclude upwards of 99.99% of the dating population on the planet, you know?"

A few minutes later. "My brother finishes his test on Sunday."

"Really? Tell him I say, 'Good luck.' Is there an expression for 'good luck' in Korean?" She tells me what it is. I forget (this happens a lot... I should write stuff down). "Ok, tell him I said that."

"You should call him and tell him."

"Oh my God, no! My Korean is not good enough for a phone call... Besides, he has my number [he obtained it in our phrase book game]. He can call me."

"Mmmm... Diana." She has a silly half grin on her face, the one she uses when she teases me about my crush and then proceeds to list all of her brother's good qualities. I am blushing. Again.


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