Monday, November 19, 2007

The final images... a memorial service.

I'd been forcing my camera to take pictures this weekend until the hike in Apsan when I couldn't even use the viewfinder to focus the shots, so I had no idea whether the images would turn out. Now that I see a couple of the early ones turned out ok, I wish I had tried to take more at Apsan. But oh well. I'll get a new camera next payday. I've been hunting around on Korean websites. I should be able to get Samson or Se Jin to help me buy it.

Some things I loved about this weekend in Korea:

A delicious treat at The Holy Grill: chocolate chip cheesecake with ice cream and raspberry fudge. Oh. My. God.

The display of colors at Apsan

This guy was AWESOME. I hugged him and he turned bright red. All his friends at the store nearby hooted. Had I been braver and my camera more functional, I would have asked one of them to take a picture of me with him... but at least the image turned out. I'm glad it did, too, because this gives you a good idea about why shopping downtown instantly perks up my crappy moods.

We've had a good run, my little HP baby, but I'm ready for a new toy with some greater user functionality to practice my skills. Any of you photophiles got some suggestions for me? I'm at the advanced beginner/early intermediate stage of photography, enough where I've learned some shit about composition, lighting, and color (thanks yearbook!) and to know that there are more important things than megapixels, like focal length, image stabilization (for digital), shutter speed, etc. I'm thinking something like a point and shoot that allows manual focus and adjustment of some of them thar fancy photo terms so I can play around with 'em. Maybe something from the Canon Powershot line. What say you?


  1. I was always a little frightened by the free hugs people....

  2. I wondered if it was a dare. He seemed really uncomfortable every time someone hugged him.

    I just loved that it said it in English. I mean--English signage is pretty common here, but many people have no idea what it means. Plus I was in a foul mood and had just been thinking, "I need a hug." Then he appears.

    Hm... now I'm thinking I should test this miraculous new power of mine.

    "I need a new camera."

  3. Canon Powershot is amazing...the Powershot SD600 was my last "upgrade" and it gives you enough manual options, but doesn't go crazy. Plus it's nice and compact. Overall, it's a great choice. But I would stick with either Canon or Nikon - they tend to last the longest and have the best quality!

  4. I went on a date with a black Korean American dude. When we met for the first time, he gave me a huge hug. I didn't realize until then--about 5 or 6 months into my time here--how much I missed friendly hugs. They really aren't done here.

    When my mom met Master for the first time, she wanted to hug him. I said, "Um, Master, my mom wants like this" and hugged my mom in the friendly way. He did it, willingly, but you could tell he sort of didn't know how to do it in a comfortable, friendly way.

  5. I have a Canon Powershot A610, which I got specifically for it's good macro capability (for photographing bees). It is good overall (most of the photos I've posted on Facebook were taken with it), although since it runs on 4 AA batteries it is a bit larger than many point & shoots. Here's a website I found helpful when doing my search:



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