Friday, November 2, 2007

Feeling better.

After many bowls of 순두부찌개 (tofu soup) and my own homemade more veggie-heavy version (I blogged about it before) for lunch today, I feel much better. Although my voice is still wonky and my nose is still stuffy, I believe the worst of it has passed and I feel about a million times better.

Which is good because tomorrow is the weekend! My Korean class is headed out to Palgongsan, a huge mountain near Daegu and accessible by local buses. This should be awesome for picture taking because the leaves around the mountains are absolutely breathtaking right now.

In sad news (for me) Gwen heads back to America on Saturday. I'll miss her, but she assures me, she'll be back. Unless the crazy radical communist candidate wins the upcoming presidential elections. So if you're a citizen of South Korea and read this blog, don't vote for him. Please.

I bought myself a fancy toy--an electronic dictionary. Except all the instructions are in Korean, so I'll have to use the dictionary to read the manual. Haha! No really, though, I'm super excited. Se Jin helped me buy it online for super cheap. It's the same model another Korean teacher's ex boyfriend bought her for 130,000 won more. You know what I'll be playing with all weekend... right?

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