Sunday, November 18, 2007

Digital Camera, RIP.

Oh my darling little baby--you've been dying for some time now. I took you to Apsan yesterday to go hiking with Se Jin--the weather was perfect and we got a ride from her brother because he was worried about us (silly overprotective menfolk)--and you died. Perhaps you were intimidated by the beauty of the mountain. I'm sorry you're dead. I will cry until I buy a new one...

Hiking is amazing. Apsan (literally translated, "Front Mountain") had some respectable rock scrambling, even though it was a pretty short hike. I saw some pretty intense colors on the mountain and it made me sad for my camera's death. There were cats and strange birds and the usual exercise platforms on the way up the mountain. Many people were using them, which made me (and my exceptionally-tired-from-dancing-the-night-before legs) want to cry.

As usual, the 50 year old and up ajummas and ajosshis were whipping past the younger folks, myself included. I'm not sure whether it makes me hopeful because I can be healthier well into middle age or to cry because I'm pretty much the most in shape I've been in my adult life and yet, they are still more capable. America is an evil land of delicious food and too much convenience. Our wealth has made us lazy and fat, dammit. I love my country in many ways, but there are many things that other places just have better ideas about.

Se Jin is a great hiking companion, because her pace is pretty close to mine most of the time and we're ready for breaks at around the same time. Plus, she's just a really fun person. We talked about all kinds of great stuff and she taught me more Korean, like the gerund forms ("ing" in English).

After stumbling down the mountain, we caught a bus that went straight to downtown and got yummy Indian food. It was a lovely day, but I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home. A few minutes with Marquez and I passed out on the couch.

I was woken by the cold and crawled under the blankets for a very lovely sleep. My ondol heating (the floor gas heating) only sort of works since Mr. Yu had it worked on, so my apartment is still very cold. It makes it hard to be motivated to do things around the apartment at night. But that's ok.

And in other good news, I've overcome my weight loss plateau and am back on track towards my goal. I'm officially 10 kilos down since I arrived in Korea. Yay!

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