Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yellow Belt!

I don't have much time before I have to leave for work, but I needed to post the awesomely great news: I am now yellow belt in taekwondo! Woohoo! I'm so cool--except that I'm a big dork.

Samantha came to class today and really enjoyed it. That's good. Sa Beom Nim must have really want her to come back because he didn't make her do some of the harder kicks and seemed worried about her hurting tomorrow.

I also had my first telephone call in Korean. I thought I should call Sa Beom Nim to tell him that Samantha would come today, so I tried to do that. I was terrible but Sa Beom Nim bragged about it to May's Mom after class, so I guess he understood the gist of my attempt to speak. Communication is much harder without mime. I will have to study harder.


  1. I thought you'd probably get it. They don't seem to tell you here if you passed or not afterwards, and then next class, there it is.


  2. I was so happy that I was bouncing up and down giddy with glee. I don't think I've been that silly happy since I was cast as the Nurse in Romeo & Juliet and Helena in Midsummer (both dream roles for me).

    My boss says I have to stay in Korea now until I get my black belt... hee hee (he's a physical ed major whose major area was TKD, so he's just being funny).



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