Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wood Monsters (by Bill)

And now for a quick preview of a scary story for the Oedae Times:

Note that this version is after the student and I have revised the paper for grammar problems, but he is still working on the content.

Monsters have lived in the Past, but they don't live now. The monsters usually lived in the woods. They were very kind, so many people and animals loved them. But humans' power increased more and more. So they killed animals and nature.

Monsters became scary and angry. They thought, 'Humans are very bad.' So monsters and humans fought. Finally, the winners were humans and they killed the monsters. So most of the monsters died.

But sometimes monsters come out in the world. They think, 'Humans' power is very dangerous.'

Not too shabby for 40 minutes. Now if only I could get more of them to try it and students like this to add some details...


After workshop today, Bill typed this final version of the story:

Monsters have lived in the past, but they don't live now. The monsters usually lived in the woods. They ate with animals and sometimes gave food to humans. Animals and humans thought, 'They are very kind.' So they loved monsters.

But, humans' power increased more and more. They invented swords, guns, and so on. They killed animals and nature. The monsters thought, 'I will kill humans when they kill us.' Finally, monsters and humans fought. The winners were the humans, and they killed most of monsters.

Now, sometimes monsters come out and see humans' world. They think, 'In the end, you are the winner.' And the monsters are snuffed out.

The End.

It's fun to see the writing process in progress. Bill, a normally sullen and quiet middle school boy, had the biggest smile on his face when we printed out his final draft. There is not much like seeing a student achieve a sense of accomplishment, really. I love teaching.

Especially when it is not so stressful...


  1. It is a sad, wonderful are an excellent teacher!

  2. Wow - so impressive! Bill was often frustrating because he would sit sullenly in the back doing as little as possible, but would get the best grades on tests and assignments. (There was also a lengthy period of time where he was skipping class w/o his mom's knowledge, which lasted until she came one day to pick him up early...)

  3. Jane,

    Yeah, Bill seems so unmotivated and "cool" in that sense that middle school boys think cool means avoiding participation in anything someone else wants you to do.


    Thanks. :) I like that you're reading my blog.



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