Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thanks for the love!

I guess I was a little sad in my last post, but lots of people sent me e-mails and stuff for which I am super grateful. I'll be e-mailing you all back over the next couple days.

I also had a great day at work which helped a lot. My least favorite class last month has a bunch of new students who are awesome and is now one of my favorite classes, and my insane student, Ashley, has quit the academy. Plus, I've kind of taken over the English newspaper production since I've been doing a lot of writing workshops during the testing prep and Gwen is leaving for the U.S. around the same time that we'll get all the articles from the students so I'll probably put it together. It's kind of cool because its like doing the yearbook or The Point News, but a lot less stress. Some of the kids are getting really creative. I'll post some of the articles over the next couple days because they are very cute and funny.

Sa Beom Nim's oldest son, Eric, has started studying at Oedae also. He's in my 3:30 Tuesday/Thursday class with some very strange and very smart second and third graders (remember Billy's protesting of my early ESL teaching efforts? It's that class). His English skills are probably some of the best in the class, and he's not shy at all, so he fit right in with the madness. I'll get to see him and his brother again on Saturday because Sa Beom Nim has to cancel class Friday so we'll have another make up class day. Then Samantha and I are going out to eat with Sa Beom Nim and his wife.

After class, May's mom and Sa Beom Nim asked Samantha and I to stay and chat. It's good practice for me because they are both patient with my terrible Korean. I did a little better today explaining what I do and don't eat (trying to communicate vegetarianism is still difficult), although with my limited vocabulary to describe my diet, I ended up sounding like I have an eating disorder. All I eat at home is apples, eggs, tofu, bananas, tomatoes, and cereal with milk. Apparently. And the Korean dishes I like best.

Speaking of food, I made burritos! This makes me so unbelievably happy. I have been gathering the ingredients for burrito making over the last three weeks (many things are difficult to find here), and I finally was ready yesterday. Although I have had to make some adaptations from how I make them at home (using black bean/rice mixes instead of black beans and brown rice; adding kidney beans so there are enough beans; using Korean "pizza cheese" instead of my favorite Mexican cheese mix; adding a bunch of cheap green chili peppers 'cause the Pace salsa from Costco is pretty bland compared to salsas available ready-made at home), the results were amazingly delicious. And my recipe made enough for lunch burritos for the next few days. So I had deliciousness today, too. And I'll have more tomorrow... And maybe Friday. Hooray!


  1. I am so happy for you that Ashley quit. I wished for that to happen for months when I was there...

  2. My friend Hazel normally tries 'gogi, no' or 'gogi aniyo'. She's been here 8 months and still has a tough time being vegetarian in a country that loves meat.



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