Monday, October 15, 2007

Taekwondo is my lifeline...

I woke up very reluctant to leave bed. This feeling resulted from a combination of the mosquitoes keeping me up late, the reluctance I had to leave my very sweet and happy dreamland, and the sniffly allergies I sometimes wake up with as the weather changes. I finally crawled out of bed about 40 minutes before I had to go to TKD so I could eat cereal and use the restroom and such.

However, after TKD, I feel strong and happy again. I love the sense of accomplishment from improving a little bit each day. It's nice to go with Samantha and have someone to talk to in the morning, too. Sa Beom Nim is teaching me the second pomsae and working on body conditioning (increasing the number of laps I run each day and the leg lifts) this week. It's very tiring, but in a great way. I think I'd really like to earn my black belt here, even if it seems so unlikely to think of myself as a real martial artist...

I'm hitting that point where the novelty of me being far away has worn off for friends and family. I used to be greeted each day with lots of e-mail/IMs from people I love back home, but their lives are getting busy and I'm out of the picture, so I only hear from them once in awhile (though, I did hear from Rose today--thanks sweetheart!). No one but Sam (God I love Sam!) calls me (not even my parents), even though my Maryland number is the same as it was before.

To be fair, the novelty of being here is wearing off, too. I'm not hitting culture shock yet (I still like Korea more than not), but I've been getting the homesick blues on occasion--like I'll really wanna go see a movie with Sarah or have brunch with Anne or dinner with Michelle--and I can't. My friendships here are great, but they're all still in the early phases. It's not the same.

I'm so very glad I brought Princess with me. Cuddling with a kitty always makes me smile and relax a little.

Between kittens, cute students, and taekwondo, I'm still very happy most of the time, so I'm not trying to whine here. I'm just checking in a little with my negative emotions to process them and take stock.

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  1. On that note... Hey you! :)

    I made it to Yellow Belt when I was 11. I know...what an accomplishment. I'm sure you'll rocket past me in that department and be able to kick my ass with little to no effort by the time you return. :)




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