Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm back!

Well, I feel about a hundred times better today than I did yesterday around this time. I cleaned the apartment yesterday, played some hoolah with Gwen, Samson, Samantha, and Samson's tennis coach, and finished two books! I actually kinda felt productive.

I'm looking forward to some great hiking and travelling this upcoming weekend to nearby Gyeongju, the ancient Silla kingdom capital. I've also joined a book club that will meet on Nov. 11 to discuss Siddhartha by Herman Hesse (if you are interested and plan to be in Daegu at that time, send me an e-mail and I'll forward you the details). I started reading through the opening notes and it seems like a pretty intense read. I think it will be good to have people to discuss it with when I finish.

The weather is getting chillier at night, but the leaves haven't started changing. I had to wear a sweater out last night. Daytime is still good for short sleeves, but at night, I'm beginning to wish I'd packed a couple of sweatshirts...

I need to study Korean pretty seriously the next two weeks because I'm going to meet Se Jin's brother again in two weeks. Apparently he told Se Jin he thought I was cute... hm...

The guy I had a crush on right before I left Maryland has e-mailed me. Why do guys wait until there is no possible way to start anything to open up a little? What is there to gain by this?

And today was the first day at TKD I started picturing various exes in front of me as I was kicking and punching. It was good for some focus... but not very serene of me.

Love is complex. Dating is frustrating.


  1. The day after my third date with Good Man, my exfiance started calling me out of the blue.

    I swear, they have a sixth sense or soemthing.



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