Sunday, October 28, 2007

I was wrong about the color.

I thought when Sa Beom Nim mentioned that Samantha and I were ready for the next color belt this week, I would get a green belt. But I was wrong. Pink is next. This morning he gave me my pink belt--yay! Now I look really girlie when I do taekwondo. I love it!

Last night was so much fun because I got to hang out with my adopted Korean family. The children were ridiculously cute, the food was delicious, and the company was fun. My Korean has improved enough to talk a little with Se Jin's mother and father, which was great. I still can't say much, but I felt very happy just to say a little, like explaining the difference between American age and Korean age to Se Jin's mom. I was able to tell her how she is the same age as my parents, but in America I say that mom and dad are 59, even though she would say her age is 60. I even got to practice the future tense that I learned this week, saying 내일, 사전을 살 거예요. Tomorrow, I will buy a dictionary. Se Jin helped me amend it to "electronic dictionary," and I said "English, Korean" after, in Korean of course, but Se Jin's mom seemed to understand.

Of course, I also saw Se Jin's brother and my crush on him has grown a little because he had studied his English to speak with me (well, that's probably not the only reason, but I choose to be flattered...). So cute! He had also got a Korean/English phrase book from E-mart and we all (well except Se Jin who is fluent in both already) used it to have fun book conversations, pointing at the dual language phrases and trying to say them in each others' languages. It was funny because I think I even managed some passable flirting with the aide of said book (and I believe it was reciprocated... hm...).

This morning I woke up a little sick--probably from Saturday's complete lack of sleep (I ended up napping for two hours before going to Se Jin's), but taekwondo seems to have helped. And eating comforting food like spaghetti and cereal doesn't hurt. I hope it doesn't turn into a full blown cold or anything. I guess I'll just have to rest up a bit.

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