Thursday, October 11, 2007

한국말 공부해요 (I study Korean).

This week I've been having a lot of extra time at work because the Korean teachers are prepping the middle school students for their big tests. I've been doing a lot of small group writing workshops for the school newsletter, but this has left me with a lot of down time during class as the students work and don't need me at every little second. I've been using this time to study my Korean. I've been making a lot of progress this week. I've even learned verbs. I understand Sa Beom Nim a lot better now. He invited Samantha and I out drinking with his wife and him! Awesome!

And since Dad tells me I haven't blogged about my culinary adventures of late, I thought I'd share the delicious spicy tofu soup recipe I tried today for lunch. I added extra hot pepper paste, used two small potatoes instead of one large one, and couldn't find garlic paste, so just put in some fresh chopped garlic instead. I served it with a little rice.

Very spicy and delicious

Food is good. I need to remember to eat enough before taekwondo class, though, because I need the energy. I almost fainted after class on Thursday. I did better today.

In related news, I'm now officially down 7 kgs since coming to Korea, putting me at my lowest weight in over a year. Huzzah!

I really miss Anne today. I tried to call her, but she didn't answer. I know she doesn't read this, but if someone does who talks to Anne, tell her to call me... I have juicy gossip involving an ex, if that will entice her to call. Hee hee.

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  1. Is that soondubu jjigae? if so, that is the best jjigae in the world!



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