Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I feel like a little kid again...

Remember when exercising was fun because we called it "playing"?

That's what taekwondo feels like. I love it.

I was jumping around class today while Sa Beom Nim helped May's Mom with her kick form, hopped up on energy, throwing kicks around, and even running (that's right running) laps without being told by Sa Beom Nim to do so. My body feels so much stronger and more flexible than it did a month ago.

I am so not leaving this country without my black belt.


So there's this big Halloween party downtown at one of the two main expat bars (Thunderbird) on Saturday. I'm working on a very silly costume. I will miss the big theater shebang back home a lot, so hopefully Saturday's festivities will serve as a temporarily suitable replacement.

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