Friday, October 5, 2007

Hooray for Friday!

I didn't get my yellow belt today because I choked up on the pomsae a little (darn it, I did so well before--this weekend I will practice, practice, practice!!!). I tried to tell Sa Beom Nim I was nervous, but I don't think he understood this time. It's ok, but it made me a little sad and frustrated.

But when I got to school, the package my parents sent was waiting for me! I have the good chocolate calcium pills now, Vitamin C, two books I did not expect, craploads of bills I don't want to think about--haha, a Vickie's secret IPEX bra, jeans that no longer fit (but I did get a $5 belt today, so I can still wear them for bumming around on weekends), and my sister's senior portraits, which I proudly showed off to anyone who would look at them. Sarah is so ridiculously beautiful it hurts sometimes. I miss my family, but it was neat to see Dad's handwriting and stuff. It made me super happy (I think the Korean teachers suspect I am insane with how much I was bouncing up and down like a giddy little college freshman who just got a package from home...).

School was randomly stressful this week, even though there were only 4 days, because of prepping report cards and grading tests from last week, and because the upcoming tests for middle schoolers means my schedule keeps getting shifted around at the last second which makes it tough to plan. However, stress is always based on a comparative scale. The "stress" of this week, for me, has been laughable compared to my life last year around this time. The Korean teachers and Gwen and Samson are going a little batty, though. I'm forcing Se Jin out to relax since she is now working 7 days/week, including the holiday on Wednesday. After my Andong trip, maybe I will try to make something happy and tasty for everyone.

That dog is still howling in my backyard most of the night. It must be a new pet. They should really let it inside at night--it's going to drive me batty if I can't find some effective earplugs in the next few days.

Now to study Korean or otherwise relax because IT'S FRIDAY!!!


  1. Yay for old pants that don't fit because they are too big!

    Sorry that you didn't get the yellow belt. I bet you nail it next time though.


  2. Congrats on the Yellow Belt -- that you finally got! YAY!!!
    Just so you know -- Korean tailors are good, and they're very cheap. If you draw a picture of a safety pin and take it to any stationery store, they'll sell you a bunch. Then turn your pants inside out and get someone to pin them as you want them to fit. You can measure your waist and give that to the tailor in centimetres and she'll hook you up! If you take a walk around your neighbourhood I'm sure you can find a tailor. Check drycleaning shops that have a machine in the front and multi-coloured spools of thread on the wall. As you get smaller, so can your clothes! Those new jeans you got that might be good for "bumming around" might soon become your perfect-fit night-out hott jeans!

  3. Janet,



    Good idea. There's one little shop like that in my neighborhood. I'll see if he would do the alterations!



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