Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hoolah and Car Fire

Samantha arrived all safe and sound. Gwen and I spend most of Wednesday trying to keep her awake in hopes that it would stave off jet lag a bit. I get along well with Samantha so far, so it was a very enjoyable day that ended with a rather competitive card game called Hoolah (I don't know how you'd actually spell it) that is kind of like Korean rummy with betting between Gwen, Samson, Simon (Samson's brother who helps manage the school), and myself--Samantha was fading by that point, poor girl. I went home with enough money to pay for dinner tonight (which is more impressive when you realize we were playing for dimes, essentially).

I woke up this morning feeling much less sore, even with the dog across the way that decided to bark from 11 pm until 3 am or so. Good lord I need earplugs!

During one of my later classes today, there was this awful burning smell coming in through the window. I looked outside to see a car on fire on the street! I didn't know what I should do about it, but by the time class was over, it wasn't there anymore. However, on my walk home, I passed the most terrifying vehicle wreckage I have ever seen on a street (the cars they get to park outside American high schools during the week of prom don't really count). I tried to get some pictures of it, but they did not come out well because it was so dark:

Along the bottom here, you can see the extinguisher foam trail that ran all up and down the street.

Here is some detail of the roof--do you see how burnt the metal is?

The car was surrounded by police tape, but otherwise just parked normally by the road side.

It really freaked me out imagining people driving this thing... It was like a skeleton of a car or something... Creepy.

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