Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Holidays are awesome!

Today is a mid-week day off for something like Korean Foundation Day (my students were trying to explain the holiday to me in English yesterday). This comes at a very fortunate time for me and my body.

You see, on Sunday, I pulled a Diana signature klutz move that involved carrying an armload of groceries home and not looking at the pot-hole laden street while I was walking (because of course the sky was more interesting). My left ankle twisted in a pot hole and I went down. Scraped up my hand and knee that braced my fall, but it didn't really do more than damage my pride.

However, Monday's workout at TKD was particularly grueling. I was tired at the end of it, but the full intensity did not hit until I woke up Tuesday morning with my ankle throbbing in pain. I went to TKD, but told Sa Beom Nim about my hurt ankle so that if it got worse during practice, he would know why I needed to rest. During the workout I was fine, but about an hour or so later, right before work, it was killing me again. I took a bunch of ibuprofen and made it through work with lots of coffee and other distracting and delicious snacky items to keep me awake through classes, but I was hurting. It was lucky that Sandy offered to drive me home, or I might not have made it.

Well... I slept a lot last night (with another dosing of ibuprofen) and woke up very sore this morning, but it is less concentrated in the ankle. But it did throw off my plans to go hiking this morning. I have deemed that resting and healing is more important for today. So this is a lovely day for recuperation because I don't have TKD or work. I hope to be in less pain tomorrow!

Samantha will be here this afternoon, so I'll see if I can't help her get settled in a bit.


  1. hey this comment is in response about your club entry. in the entry, you said u left the club at 2 am. how do u get home? the reason why i'm asking is because the buses stop at 10pm and the trains stop at 11pm and i'm looking for a way to stay out late and not depend on the taxi.

  2. Jo,

    I take taxis.

    One night I was out until 5 or so. If I had waited around another hour, the subway would have opened up again. Unless you live downtown or go out in your own neighborhood, the taxis are really the only way to get back home. (Since I only go out once every couple weeks, I don't mind the expense).


  3. That sucks! I did something like that when I was in Costa Rica: stepped on what should have been a manhole cover, but which was, in reality, simply a hole. Broke my big toe, and spent the next two weeks hobbling around. Ahh well. Hope you feel better soon!



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