Saturday, October 20, 2007

"He is good driver; I am good drinker!"

So Sa Beom Nim's wife told me.

"Oh, then you are perfect couple!" -Me

Aren't they, though?

Last night we hopped in the TKD van (the one that Sa Beom Nim uses to pick up the kids for classes--all the after school programs in Korea have these little buses with the school logos on them. Oedae's is two bright shades of green!) and picked up May's Mom and her husband to drive out to a little Korean restaurant near Palgongsan (a very popular mountain just outside Daegu--the one Se Jin and I got lazy about going to over Chuseok and went out to Bongmu Park instead). Although we couldn't see Palgongsan, the food was delicious and the company fun.

Sa Beom Nim decided to order some kind of alcohol that he called 동동주 (dongdongju). It turned out to be some kind of ginseng alcohol. It was pretty gross, but Samantha and I were good sports, as you can see:

Samantha loves it, can't you tell?

Mmmm... so tasty...

After dinner, we went to a fish house for 소주 (soju, a Korean rice wine that tastes a lot like sake and is extremely cheap & potent) and shellfish. Sa Beom Nim tried to tell us where we were going because his wife didn't know the word "shellfish" by miming a clam with his hands while he was driving. Samantha got it right away and then his wife started cracking up because May's Mom said something in Korean about "mind to mind communication" (Sa Beom Nim's wife translated for our benefit).

My lord the fish house food was amazing. And I'm not just saying that because I had four shots of soju. My picture of it didn't come out too well (that I will blame on the soju, which is quite clear in the shot), but the table had an open grill where the waitress cooked our shellfish and then served it to us in our dishes of soy sauce mixed with onions and wasabi. I haven't eaten that well since Chuseok!

Now this was quite a feast... for the second time in the evening

At the end of the evening, Sa Beom Nim's wife tried to make it clear to us that if there is anything the four of them could do to help us during our time in Korea, to let them know.

I am overwhelmed gratitude that I cannot express. Again, the warmth and kindness of the people I have met here in just a few short months is more than I will ever repay, but I will try. Maybe if I keep studying, I can even do it in a language they can understand...

And perhaps their kindness is what inspired my drunk dialing my parents to say hello and tell them how much I miss them and love them. Spreading the love from around the globe. Or something.

Note on time: Sorry for the delay with this post. Blogger's image upload feature appears to be broken...


  1. Dongdongju is a type of rice beer, that's what I've always been taught.

    I LOVE dongdongju! It has such a light taste, and it's so bubbly! But it can knock you out surprisingly quickly.

  2. Yeah, dongdongju is rice wine. It will sneak up on you and give you a terrible hangover! Our TKD master would always take us to dongdongju places on drinking nights, as well.

  3. Oops... I wasn't clear. Yeah... it was insam dongdongju (like ginseng flavored stuff... it was kinda gross. I think I'd like regular dongdongju ok, though--I don't like ginseng that much).



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