Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Korean Class!

All this studying has paid off in class. For the first time today, I didn't feel like I was miles behind everyone else. I even recognized a few of the new vocabulary words from taekwondo (태권도) or running around town, like 시작하다 (to begin) and 지하철 (subway). I feel like this is a big triumph; like I have finally achieved the level of the intermediate class I'm taking.

I've become obsessed with all the new stuff I'm learning. Like I've taken to jotting out little maps of the 2 폼새 (pomsae, TKD forms) that I know. It's tons of fun, but a little crazy. I noticed that in the random pic I snapped for the last post about my return to redheadedness, I'm even smiling like a Korean woman (no teeth). Oh lord. I've got some kind of fever here.

Se Jin (세진) has been really sick the last couple days, and I'm worried about her, but she seemed a little better today. I hope she can go to 경주 (Gyeongju) tomorrow. It's gonna be lots of fun.

Today at my makeup TKD class, Sa Beom Nim had a class of 3rd grade (elementary) students who were all black belts finishing their last hour. They were some pretty energetic little boys, I must say. I wish I had brought my camera. Afterwards, he apologized, but I really didn't mind getting to see some of the moves I might have to learn if I pursue this black belt thing. Plus he gave us yummy snacks after class.

I have to go get ready to go out with him and his wife now. I'm so excited! I guess I'm getting my second Korean wind or something. My lord, it's cold says it's 55, and this may be the warmest it's been all day.


  1. Today Master was looking at my Dan Card, Korean license, and ARC card. "Amanda, you, always like this," he said, flashing an open smile.

    "I know. I am American."

    It was DAMN cold today. Bah.

    Hey, you should get the Kukkiwon textbooks. There are two, Taekwondo Textbook I and II. The first has the gup (clor belt) forms and the second has the black belt forms. There's tons of other stuff, too, but the best part is, they're in Korean AND English. I got my flash card vocab from those books. I think both together were 30,000 but SO totally worth it. Any major bookstore should have them.

  2. I love the big open smiles of America. It's one of the subtle things that I miss here.

    Those books sound like a really great idea. I think I'll head down to the Kyobo in Daegu later this week...



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