Monday, October 22, 2007

Foul Monday Moods...

This morning I didn't post because I was in a terrible mood. I don't really know why because I did a lot of fun things this weekend and had a really good time. I even slept well last night. I was just cranky for no reason at all. Even taekwondo didn't help much because we only worked out for 30 minutes. While watching the cool black belt demos was a lot of fun, it didn't give me the serotonin fix I needed to lift the craptacular blah I felt.

Walking to school, a surprised looking woman who I have never seen before pointed at me and said, "Diana!"

I responded "네, 안녕하세요 (Yes, hello)," without even thinking about it. She did not respond. It was strange. Gwen said she was likely a relative of Mr Yu's (my landlord), but it is hard to know. I am the only redheaded white chick around these parts.

Several old men I see every day at the part asked me if I had eaten (a Korean greeting), and I nodded yes (again, 네). The eccentric old man who speaks a little English called "teacher" across the street to verify that yes, I am walking. Again (we have the same conversation everyday, no matter what I respond: "Hello, how are you?" "Have you eaten?" "Oh, I am very hungry." "Are you walking?" "See you tomorrow!"--his English is quite limited and he doesn't respond when I speak Korean).

This walk to work, while eventful, did not lift my spirits much. You see, last Thursday we had some major drama involving a part time Korean teacher and she quit/was fired. I was a little worried that this would lead to bad vibes, but instead the mood was generally positive. The other part time teacher, Jenny, has gone back to full time, although this is not her preference, and so all is well.

What finally made me feel better was talking to my awesome co-workers. Se Jin and Gwen were both feeling better and everyone had weekend stories. And for some reason talking about cramps is a female bonding ritual that transcends cultures. I decided my foul mood was probably the result of PMS and a headache. Excedrin and coffee seemed to help a lot.

By the end of the work day, I was feeling downright chipper and offered to switch schedules with Jenny in the evening so she could leave at 9:15. I often stay until 10 anyhow and I am much more productive about studying Korean at work than I am at home, so it is not much trouble for me. And doing something helpful for my school and the people I like makes me feel better.

Tomorrow I will finish uploading pics from the Gyeongju World Culture Expo Samantha and I visited on Sunday. It was entertaining. Samantha is a good person to travel with because she's laid back and fun. We were both feeling kinda lazy, so we just wandered around the fair, trying to avoid the crowded places (which was a bit hard to do!). We ended up skipping the big temple out at Gyeongju, but now we have an excuse to return. Huzzah!

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  1. Did you see the b-boy show at Gyeongju? Hahaha I know I'm terrible; the whole Gyeongju trip was suppose to be a cultural experience but the only vivid memory I have is the b-boy show.



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