Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bad Moon Rising

Last night (and well into this morning, as I got home about an hour ago at 10 am) was completely insane and trippy and fun. It felt like this:

Disco light at 노래방 (noraebang, singing room) at around 7:30 a.m., right after I finished I pretty impressive rendition of Eminem's "Without Me." Yeah that's right. I'm dropping that Asian karaoke PG style.

Thunderbird's party was quite fun. It wasn't even as overcrowded as I thought it would be because they opened up the fifth floor (there are two floors, the main one is the fourth--this is even more impressive because I met two guys with broken ankles/feet who made it out to the party!). I bought Samantha a drink, we had a friendly game of Foosball, and she met some people and went somewhere else, so I hung out until I met Leo and Tristan (I had lunch with a bunch of folks from Korean class and they both said they were coming, so I wanted to hang around at least until I saw them).

I spent the second half of my night "speaking" Korean with a Korean guy who lives in the US now and works as a dentist, but is visiting Daegu for a month, two Korean women we met at Thunderbird's who loved my Pippi costume (all the Koreans loved it--the expats were hit or miss... oh well!), and two Russian students (really!) we met at another bar who studied Korean at their Russian university . All of them spoke excellent English, so they would speak slowly in Korean, check if I understood, translate if I didn't and help me say what I wanted to express in Korean. It was pretty awesome. I had tons of fun! And I'm not just saying that because everyone said I was a good singer after I belted out CCR (see title of this post).

I had breakfast with the Korean woman who is my age before we hopped on the subway, since it reopened well before we tried to go home. She is dating an English man who is currently in England finishing his university degree. We talked about international dating. She also told me to be careful when pronouncing 참치, the Korean word for tuna, because apparently the first time I said it, it sounded like a slang word for a female body part! Oh boy were my cheeks red after that!

And now, hopefully, some rest before going to Se Jin's sister's house for dinner. I hope my evening festivities don't mess with my appearance... Her brother is supposed to be there...

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