Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yay taekwondo!

So Samson called around yesterday and found a studio that is about a 15 minute walk from the apartment that will do a private lesson for me at 11 a.m. M-F for about $80/month. You can't beat the time and the distance--just perfect to hop in the shower and grab a quick bite after the workout and still be at Oedae by 2 p.m.!

I was hoping for a class of some kind, but in many ways the private lesson could be better. For one, I'll feel more like I have to go because I've made a commitment and it's just me. For another, less embarrassment from being the awkward, out-of-shape foreigner in a class of Koreans who have been studying taekwondo for years. And finally, you try finding a personal trainer or martial arts master in the US who will meet with you 5 days a week for an hour each time for that price! Yikes!

Basically, if I don't die the first week, I'll get in pretty darn amazing shape by the end of my time here. I'm glad I brought the ibuprofen...

In an effort to lessen the shock my system is likely to experience, I woke up today a bit early and plan to go for a long walk (hopefully aerobic) and maybe even a bit of a jog. Times like these I wish I was a runner of any kind, as running would probably be a better preparation.

Today Samson is setting up my bank account (yay!) and the secretary was preparing my health card (double yay!). Jane gave me the business card of the English speaking vet in Daegu who is good (Princess will need her for travelling home) and her Daegu transportation system card. They take the same card on subways, buses, and in some taxis.

Oh yeah... and the TKD studio doesn't speak any English. I was expecting this, but it still doesn't make things easy. I will try brushing up on some Korean before Monday. For now, I have to go workout... Eek!


  1. Cool!

    Taekwondo is awesome.

    For learning taekwondo terms, I strongly suggest you learn to read Hangul (it's not hard) and make FLASH CARDS! That's what I did. I had about 200 flash cards, but that was by the time I was at my black belt test. It will make things much easier and it's actually a fun way to practice Korean because you'll use it every day.

    As for the private lessons, just make sure they don't turn into English lessons.

    화이팅! (Fighting!)

  2. Good idea!

    I learned the alphabet before I came, but the reading has been slow-going. I was proud of myself the first week when, never having seen it written in hanguel, I came pretty close to writing "taekwondo" on my notebook. One of my students saw it and recognized the word and corrected my two mistakes (placement of the bottom line for the "w" sound and I still sometimes mix up "o" and "u"). I really need to learn how to type it...

    I'll make flashcards later today!



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