Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The villa style apartment home

When I first posted about my apartment and my neighborhood, I mentioned that many of the homes around here are apartments in multi-family villa-style buildings. I guess it's kind of similar to garden apartments back home, but fewer apartments per unit and the buildings have a lot more character. While the weather hasn't really improved any, so these pics are still a little gray, I did snap the front of Mr. Yu (my landlord)'s building so that you can get a sense of what I mean:

My apartment is on the second floor; you can see the windows that Princess likes to look out over on the left part of the building. The gate is locked and leads into a little yard where Toto the bunny (Mr. Yu's pet) scampers about. I take a very steep set of stairs over to the right up to my apartment on the left. The stairs are uncovered, so during these last few weeks of rain, I've been extra super careful climbing them! Another family lives off to the right and around the back of the building on the second floor (I think Jane said the children in this family attend Oedae academy, but I haven't seen them yet to know). They often have their laundry drying on the rack right outside my apartment--hee hee!

I also snapped a picture of next door--another villa style apartment. I like the cool looking trees in this place. You can see the daycare center in the background where I hear children playing during the day:

In other news, Jane leaves this morning, which is a little sad for me, but she's off to start her next chapter of home-owning in the ghetto adventures. I'm very glad I did get some time to meet her and the job I took over from her is really great, though it might have been nice to have our time in Korea overlap some because she's been cool to hang out with a little. Oh well--perhaps I'll visit her in Georgia sometime I'm heading down South again. Also, it looks like I'm set to go out to Busan this weekend with a cool girl I met at Thunderbird and Gwen. Let's hope the weather clears up!


  1. That's a pretty appartment! :o

  2. Yes, please do be very careful on those stairs. They're a little freaky!



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