Thursday, September 20, 2007


Oh taekwondo, you are a cruel beast sometimes to my poor sweat-drenched body.

Sa Beom Nim has taken it upon himself to correct my pigeon toes. He told me that I should hear his voice yelling in my head every time I start to walk with my right foot turned in. To demonstrate, he yelled at me when I was going to get water, running laps, stretching, kicking, and whatever during today's workout, "발! 발!" (Bal! Bal!, meaning Foot! Foot!) every time I would get tired and forget. It's working.

And today was the first day where I noticed myself counting the exercises in my head in Korean. I need to finish my language exercises for Korean class tonight. I have a lot of exercises to do.

It's hard to believe that tomorrow I'll have been in Korea for a month. Time really flies, don't it?


  1. Diana, As you know, you were born with weakened, shorter muscles in one lower leg. When you were a little girl your pediatrician told me to do the same thing - pester and pester and pester her about turning her food in as she walks so she learns to correct it. I tried half-heartedly, though, but more or less failed, probably because I dislike constant correcting so much. Instead, I pushed soccer, ballet, basketball, etc. in hopes that strengthening your leg muscles would help correct the problem, and it did work some. Perhaps you can think of the (probably annoying) endless correction from your teacher as a kindness in disguise, one that will make you first conscious of the need to modify your walk, then able to do so unconsciously. As an adult, you can choose to do this even if it is a bit annoying (or a lot annoying), and I applaud your willingness to endure what is required to make this change. Who would have guessed the strange opportunies that Korea would bring you?

    Love, Mom

  2. Leave it to her mother to embarass a gal ;-)

    Yeah... it is a kindness. He explained it while laughing. As I said, even with our bizarre method of communication, he manages to convey humor and so do I sometimes. We have fun.



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