Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shabu Shabu?

Last night, Gwen, Samson, and I went out for dinner at a nearby Japanese restaurant that featured shabu shabu, a kind of cuisine where they bring you all the ingredients and you cook them yourself in the steaming pot at the table. It was similar to The Steampot place where I went in Busan, but I think that place was a little more seafood-focused. Also it was the first restaurant I went to where you take off your shoes and sit on floor mats with the tables very low to the ground, which was really neat. Even if I ended up with my leg asleep when I tried to stand up! Anyhow the food was delicious and the waiter/host/possibly owner was super hot and super nice. Like when Samson asked for a new pot after they cooked their beef separately from the veggies so I wouldn't have beef-flavored noodles.


After dinner, Gwen dropped Samson at home and we went to this really cool coffee shop with neat fake-flower decor and lattice work all over. Here's some of the interesting features of the decor, but really it was much cooler than the pic shows:

I thought I was going to have a yummy super-sugary coffee drink, like all the other "coffee" I've had here that would make most coffee lovers in the US scream with terror because there is often more milk & sugar than actual coffee (right up my alley, though...), but instead a certain menu item caught my eye (third from the bottom):
Cacao Pizz?

Well, you may ask, what exactly is Cacao Pizz? I had to find out. It was far too intriguing.
Yeah, that's right. It's Cacao Pizz. With alcohol.

Gwen thought it looks like iced tea. It tasted very sweet and a little sour. I'm not sure what was in it, but it was interesting and had some alcohol in it, so I was a little giddy and we ended up hanging out and talking until semi-late. Good wholesome fun.


  1. the coffee here is terrible. i went to this place in downtown daegu (it's 3 stories high, serves pasta and you get free coffee/dessert) and ordered their hazelnut coffee. when it came, it was as clear as brown tea. i knew immediately that they used the "coffee in a tea bag" to make it. i was so tramautized. and then there's the instant stuff which is better but i still can't stand.

  2. I MISS SHABU SHABU! Why, oh why, can't there be shabu shabu in Waycross???

    Also, I kinda like Korean coffee... but then again, I was never really into coffee in the US.



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