Sunday, September 2, 2007

Princess's perch

My apartment has this neat window ledge thing that is basically the best spot for a cat in the entire world. While this is not the best picture, it gives you a sense of perspective for the window ledge (this thing is huge and very cool--it allows me to leave the lights off during the day!):

But here, Princess surveys Korea:

And Land of the Morning Cat:

I was worried right up until I left whether bringing Princess with me was the right thing to do (for her and for me). I was anxious over many details, like where I would find cat food and kitty litter for her in a land that doesn't really like cats all that much. Jane helped out a lot with that stuff.

I was also very worried about how the 24 hours of tortured travel would affect her. But Princess has adjusted beautifully--it's so nice to have a kitty to come home to who will jump on your lap and purr in demanding that you pet her. For us, it was definitely the right decision!


  1. AWWW! so cute :-) Mia loved the window box too.

  2. Yeah, I'm guessing if I moved the food and litterbox up there, she'd live in that tiny little box. It's like it was made for cats.

  3. How did the process of taking your cat through EPIK, and going to orientation work out? I'm considering taking my cat with me in February and worrying about all the details.

  4. Margaret,

    My first year in Korea wasn't with EPIK, it was with a hagwon. Hagwons have many disadvantages compared to EPIK, but they also have some advantages, such as more flexibility and support for native teachers. I found a boss who was perfectly happy to let me bring my cat over (especially since the teacher before me already had a cat). I don't know how I'd manage it with the orientation and uncertainty of the first few days in country. I've heard boarding with a vet is pretty cheap here. You could work with your recruiter to find a vet in your city and then pick her up when you have an apartment. Or put an ad in a facebook group or on Dave's ESL cafe for help. Just be careful who you tell initially at your school because your new co-teacher might get the wrong impression if you bring a pet up first thing. Also, most landlords don't actually care if you have a cat (as they make no noise compared to dogs), but they will say "no" if you ask. Better to just sneak her in and then feign misunderstanding and apologize if "caught." It's the opposite of advice I'd give for the U.S.



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