Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Korea is gorgeous today!

Although it's a little hot and humid (not as humid as yesterday), it's very beautiful outside. I've been waiting for a day like this to take a picture of the little stream that I pass over on my walk to taekwondo because it is such a pretty place with the mountains surrounding Daegu in the background. Here they are:

Hopefully it stays nice like this because I'm going hiking a bunch and to a traditional Korean Chuseok this long weekend, and I want to share all the beautiful views of this place with you and good pictures are harder with my three year old point and shoot HP when the weather is less than ideal.

As for taekwondo, Sa Beom Nim started showing me the first form I'm going to learn for my yellow belt test. I still have no idea how far away that is (though I suspect it is more like a matter of months than weeks--but I am progressing quickly with this daily practice). I'm excited! I remember when I was little and Brian and I studied at Kim's Karate for our belt tests and the one competition that I participated in and how fun it was back then. I feel like a little kid again, but with more control over my own bedtime.

I'm also rocking this five pound weight loss since landing on Korean soil. It's awesome!

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