Monday, September 10, 2007

I think it was a compliment...

Taekwondo, day 2: I woke up a little stiff, but not really in much pain at all. I didn't even take any ibuprofen! I think the master is building me up slowly and checking my fitness level and all that. I very much appreciate this because while I do have muscles and such, I'm not in the best shape I've ever been, so learning a little each day seems ideal.

At the studio, I got my uniform and white belt (indicating I am a neophyte of the highest order, naturally). It was only 30,000 won--yay! It was quite comfortable to move in, albeit a little stiff with its newness. When I hung it up at the end of class, I noticed it was literally about twice as large as the other uniforms... All the children at the studio look like they have much more advanced belts than me. I bet, even half their size, many of them could take me in a fight right now.

Before going to class, I practiced my counting numbers 1-10 in Korean because I noticed the first class that master counts off the exercises as we do them. I'm getting better... And I started looking up words for body parts because it seems helpful to know.

The master and I are communicating in much the same way I communicate with most Koreans--it involves a lot of charades, a few English and Konglish words (and very few Korean words), and nodding or shaking the head. He owns the studio. Gwen asked how old he was, and I'm having a little trouble placing his age because he is in phenomenally good shape. Maybe mid-late 30s? You can see a picture of him at his website, but in real life is quite a bit more attractive (especially when he smiles).

So in this very bizarre method of communication I think he complimented me on my flexibility today. I mentioned that I studied yoga for years and he nodded. I said kamsa hamnida (thank you).



    Body parts.

  2. Great website, Amanda, thanks!

    Sweetie--it's awesome!

  3. I am jealous! TKD was so much fun when I did it back in 2001. Sadly, my knees are too far gone to subject them to that ever again :-(



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