Thursday, September 13, 2007


I am doing really well with the lose weight/get in shape resolution I made, but am not making much progress on the finishing my papers for grad school. I feel bad 'cause I didn't get them done before leaving. I've been so crazy/busy/distracted with the Korea stuff and posting daily to my blog (my current biggest writing project) that I've definitely been neglecting my studies. I feel awful because I feel like I have been letting down my professors. They are all such wonderfully awesome people I don't want to disappoint them.

So here is my statement of intent regarding grad school papers: I will finish one this weekend (shouldn't be too difficult to do) and two short ones over Chuseok weekend (a 5-day holiday from work--yay!). Blog readers, keep me honest here. I want to finish these things and then start working on my fiction in my free time.

I think I'm gonna spend less time on Dave's ESL Cafe--that place just sucks up time and I only get a little bit out of it. Maybe I'll check it once or twice a week maximum (Let's say Saturdays and Wednesdays--that should be alright). In fact, I'm gonna go log out of it right now. There. Goodbye time wasting suck hole!

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