Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dance Party at That.

There is a club downtown called "That." Although a rather silly name for a club, it was quite hopping last night for a swing dance party that seemed to be in honor of a popular expat's birthday. It was lots of fun. I met a bunch of cool people, ran into a few awesome people I know already, and danced for a couple hours. I haven't done swing since college and even then (as Jonathan who doesn't read this blog can attest) I was never very good. However, after the birthday boy reminded me of the basics and then gave a dance lesson, I was doing alright dancing with some much more proficient and kind Korean guys who spoke varying amounts of English (most of the expat guys seemed a bit shy about breaking out the dance moves they only just learned... such a pity). I was doing some fancy turns and nifty steps by the time I left after 2 am--sweet!

I believe That is a pretty new club to come on the expat radar and it has a nice looking wine bar, art gallery, and piano lounge in the same building, set a little bit off to the side from the main insanity of Rodeo Drive. I noticed it a couple weeks ago when Se Jin and I were looking for somewhere fun to hang out, but no one was there, so we had moved on to Bubble Bar. As fun as Bubble Bar was for dancing and stuff, I had a better time at That. I didn't even have any drinks--just good old fashioned cutting a rug, so to speak.

I bonded with Samson a little bit yesterday when Gwen asked me to check out Samantha's apartment to see if it was alright (don't worry Samantha, it's pretty cool... the bathroom is weird, it's true, but Korean bathrooms are often weird--bring your own toilet paper when travelling around this country, people!). He's an awesome guy--funny and friendly and whatnot. He invited me to play tennis at a new elementary school spot he's setting up as a tennis club for weekends, and we conspired about making Gwen go skiing this winter. Hee hee.

Gwen and I also had an awesome Costco run (thanks Gwen!). I even blew my Costco budget a bit by buying a cute sweater (American sizes--WOW!!!) and some cinnamon for my new instant coffee addiction. As I write this, I am sipping yummy sweet nectar of sugary cinnamony deliciousness.

My trip to the Andong Mask Festival has been postponed until next weekend, so I am chilling around Daegu today and being productive and stuff. I may go for a walk around the Arboretum later today or something, but I need to clean my apartment and do some grocery shopping and such. Sorry I have no fabulous pictures of my Korean fabulousness for you today. I've been relaxing--it's great!

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  1. I definitely got addicted to instant coffee while in Korea. While I suppose there's instant coffee here, I can't imagine there's anything equivalent to Caffe Maeil's cool coffee beverages. Sigh. Instead the only option is over-priced bottled Starbucks brand or those foul tasting energy drinks. Gah.



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