Saturday, September 15, 2007

Daegu Nights

When was the last time that I poured myself into bed as the sun was coming up? I guess I did have a 24 hour day a few weeks before I headed out here, but let me assure that last night was way more insane than pretty much any previous outing that I've had. When expats party with Koreans, dude, they don't fuck around...

Actually, no. I take that back. All we did was fuck around, and it was lots of fun.

Downtown Daegu at Night:

The Story:
I went out with Se Jin for dinner at a Korean restaurant and she taught me a whole bunch about ordering Korean food and what I should look out for on the menu if I don't want to eat meat, like 고기 (gogi). I had dolseot bibimbap, which is a traditional Korean rice dish with lots of veggies and spicy sauce, served in a still steaming bowl that cooks the rice on the bottom a nice, crispy brown. Yum! Usually it has a little meat in it, but we ordered it without the meat. Se Jin had this cool spicy cheese/noodle dish that I forget how to spell, but can recognize the name in hangul.

We wandered around downtown for about an hour looking for a club that seemed fun and cool. We ended up going to Club Bubble. It was a Korean hip-hop club that catered to westerners by serving delicious things like the Kaluha milk I had--almost like a mudslide! The club itself played an interesting mix of hip-hop and pop, both Korean and American, though more heavily focused on American. The night was still early, so it wasn't too crowded. Unfortunately the other expats there were servicemen. Now, I know a LOT of people back home who are military/former military who are some of the greatest people I've ever met. But it seems like the guys (and yes there was one woman, but I will leave the behavior I am describing gendered accordingly) stationed in Korea are doing their damnedest to give US military a horrible reputation. Sure, some individuals are ok, but they are hard to discern from the drunken masses of guys trying to paw at the local women. I ended up dancing with one of them named Alex a little bit who was alright (see picture below--he hopped in when Se Jin was taking it), but his friend kept crowding my friend--NOT COOL. Eventually they left (gotta love base curfew) and we had a great time dancing until Se Jin had to go home so she could be up for church tomorrow. I walked her to the subway, but was still up for hanging out, so I meandered over to Thunderbird.

The bar was very quiet, but after all the dancing and loudness of Bubble Bar, I was happy to sit with my gin & tonic (the teacher special) and talk to some of the people I had met when I went there a couple weeks ago. Later on, Shelly came in with her new co-worker Roy (literally he got off the plane 3 days ago--I'm amazed he made it out!) who is super tall. We played a lot of Foosball. Shelly is ubercompetitive and it made for some entertaining pictures. Below you see Team New York, the two folks from Queens tearing up the table (I forget the guy's name, but he was rather silly):

Meanwhile I stole Roy's way awesome camera and took all my best pics on that, so I don't have them here. But I like the way this picture of Roy and a girl from class at the YMCA, Tristan, looks because it's got that weird nightclub vibe--it reminds me of an impressionist painting. Actually, Tristan kept stealing Roy's hat and he kept trying to get it back. Very silly.

A Korean friend of Shelly's, Joy (I forget her Korean name, but it means silver star--very beautiful!) came out and four (Shelly, Roy, Joy, and I) of us decided to head over to Commune's Lonely Heart's Club--another major expat bar. It was a nice enough place and the drinks were a little cheaper, so I got a vodka cran. It was also a little dead and we had lots of crazy energy. So we decided to go dancing at Club Frog.

Club Frog is not for the faint of heart. Wear protection. You could get pregnant if you aren't careful!

No seriously, this place was freaking INSANE. Strobe lights. Fog machines. More hip-hop. I didn't stop dancing the whole time we were there because, quite frankly, getting on and off the super-packed dance floor was not worth the effort. The club was mixed--about 2/3 Korean and 1/3 expat. It was more an experience than a night club. I left drenched in sweat I'm pretty sure only 50% of which was my own.

After that we went back to Thunderbirds (which had technically closed a half-hour ago at four... right?) and hung out, playing more Foosball and meeting other people until the owners decided to actually shove everyone out the door at 5:30 am. I had a great time and all that, but I cannot imagine the people who want to do this every night--it would be exhausting! (Plus, I only had 3-4 drinks the whole evening; many of them have 3-4 an hour... how? why?) Caught a cab home (much less traumatic than the previous cabbing)--even though if I had waited an hour the subway would have been open again...

Four clubs/bars in one night. Lots and lots of dancing. Crazy neon Asian stuff. Yup, I'm in Korea.


  1. Shoo! I'm getting dizzy just reading this entry. Fun stuff, though!

    I would totally be into Korean food albeit, with the meat, yum!

    Thanks for the Korean nightlife ride! Felt like I was there with ya!

  2. The food here is fantastic--and super cheap. My whole crazy evening out (paying for Se Jin's dinner and all of my own booze--most of which is imported--and the very long cab ride home) was less than $45. Wouldn't want to do it every night, but definitely cheap for an awesome night on the town.

  3. I don't know what it is about the GI party scene in Korea that just makes them so repellent, but I totally understand where you're coming from. The thing is, when I worked for the DOD, I spent two months living and working on US Army bases in Korea, and met plenty of really nice, decent guys. I guess they're just not the ones out hitting up the expat bars!

  4. Thats weird, I went to Club Bubble about a month ago and the sign said "Electronica Club" and the DJ was playing electronica and house music the whole time. Hmm..maybe they changed up the theme



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