Thursday, September 27, 2007

Competition in the Oedae staff room

Sandy teacher, a part-time Korean teacher who is a little older than the other teachers at Oedae and the only one who is married, asked me about Chuseok. I gushed about all the awesome things that happened in Yeoungchon and how great Se Jin's family is and how much food I ate. And of course, how cute her brother was.

"Oh, you like Korean men?"

"Well, some of them. It's like in America; some are attractive, some are ok, some are not."

"Aren't they short for you?"

"Some of them are short. Actually, what bothers me more often is that almost all of them smoke. I don't like smoke, so I might find a Korean guy hot but then see him with a cigarette and say to myself, 'too bad'!"

Sandy laughs. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No. I had one in America a long time ago, but then I decided to move to South Korea, so no boyfriend."

"What do you like in men?"

"I like funny men. And kind men." I am thinking in my head about the lesson in the Hop-Skip-Jump books about liking dirty boys and also that nice arms and a good smile never fail to make me a little giddy in a girly way.

"I have a brother, too. He is tall. He is a banker and very funny."

"Oh really? How old is he?"

"He is 30." This means he was born in 1978--so he's really 29--it's the way age is counted here. "He is single and has a good job. Very smart."

I start laughing. Uh-oh. The Korean teachers are all trotting out their single brothers now... I better watch out!


  1. I snagged one of the 3% of the male population of Korea that doesn't smoke.

  2. Yeah, I think you gots a good man... ha ha ha!

    Seriously, though... it seems like even super healthy guys here who work out for 3 hours a day also have a pack a day habit. That's why there is phlegm all over the sidewalks. Ew!

  3. Master doesn't smoke, TempMaster didn't either. You need to meet some guys graduating from taekwondo programs.... ;)



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