Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some pics from the last few days...

I let my sister drive on her first highways on our way home from Cedar Point, so to commemorate the momentous occasion in a new driver's life, I bring you: Sarah pays her first toll!
Sarah was playing with the B&W setting on my camera on our trip out to Cedar Point last week and snapped a pic of me that makes me look "cool" or something:

So then I played with the Sepia tones setting and made Princess look like a cat from the 1920s. Super cool!

I've been complaining since I got back from MV that the sun bleached out my hair so much I was like a blond. As we all know, I am a redhead, so my colorist seems to have solved this problem (this was just before I went out last night):

And finally, after grabbing breakfast with Ramon and Micah at Eggspectations, I spent the afternoon cuddling with my kitty in the apartment. A perfect Sunday (and our first mommy-kitty picture!):


  1. Your "baby" is beautiful! Nice shots, D.

  2. Thanks, Sweetie! My dad thought the one of Sarah made her look crazy... but I think it's just perfect.



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