Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sandusky, Ohio

The lil sis and I are on a road trip to visit the mecca of American roller coasters, Cedar Point, in Ohio. As another hotline volunteer is wont to say of such crazy experiences, it will change your life.

I am updating from the hellhole of shittacular accommodations in Ohio. Please, dear lord, if you value your sense of smell, taste, or decency, do not stay in the America's Best Value Inn in Sandusky. It really reeks.

Other than that, Sarah and I are having a wonderful time. It was raining too much at the start of the day, but then once the rain abated and the coasters started again the rides were AMAZING! I wanted to take my camera, but the rain prevented it initially and we never ran back out to the car to get it.


  1. Whoa! You really are getting in LOTS of stuff before you shove off!

    BTW, I checked out your sister's myspace last night and she needs to stop looking so BAM! BA-DOW!

    In short, lock her in a closet and throw away the key 'til she's 30, mmm k?

  2. Don't I know it? Sarah is so... my LORD. Terrifying. And she drove half of the ride home. She needs to just stop freaking growing already.



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