Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Peace and calm in the mornings...

Well, Korea is called Land of the Morning Calm... Perhaps for a good reason.

I like waking up with the sun and having several hours to myself before I have to be anywhere. I can, as I did yesterday when it was cloudy and gray and drizzly, roll back over and go to sleep again and have really vivid dreams. I can, as I did Tuesday, hop up full of energy and organize everything and get caught up with correspondence and e-mail before even having to think about leaving the apartment. Or I can, as I did Monday and plan to do today, do some yoga exercises and read a book. I've even been leaving the house early (like around 12:30 pm) to get to work because I'm new and need extra time to prep the lessons and the route is still unfamiliar, so I am not exactly sure how long it will take me to walk there (usually between 12 and 25 minutes). Pretty soon I should be able to start leaving at 1:30 pm or even later to get to work on time.

Eventually, I'd like to add some kind of regular workout routine to the morning (like more heart-pounding than the yoga flexibility stuff). I'd really like to try taekwondo, a Korean martial art that is very popular here--especially with the kiddies, but I'd need to find a studio/school/hakwon (or whatever they call it) that will let an adult female with startlingly few Korean skills and even fewer TKD skills to begin study. Honestly, though, that can wait until next month or so because I'm still settling in and have some other things I'd like to try first--like the Korean language class at the YMCA on Saturday or visiting downtown Daegu. I can probably do both of those this weekend--yay!


  1. A studio (I just typed "stupid"....need to go to bed) will take you because having The Foreigner will make the studio a rock star studio and bring it more students.

    You think I'm kidding...

  2. Yeah, one of the other foreign teachers at my school was mentioning the novelty factor being pretty high. She said the trouble might be finding an adult-focused class. I might try to get one of the Korean teachers to help me call around next week. I have noticed three in my neighborhood (once I figured out how to spell "taekwondo" in hangul), but I'm told there are a few more.



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