Saturday, August 18, 2007

Packing List

Please Note: Post is being updated as I pack!

If you have suggestions, please make them now.

Planned (a * indicates it's in the bag already):
Four pairs of jeans (2*)
Three pairs of slacks
Five skirts (3*)
4 pairs yoga pants (for working out and sleeping) (1*)
New (so they last) Bras & underwear for a bit over 3 weeks (plus 3 sports bras*)
5 work-appropriate, t-shirts (short and long sleeve) (2*)
2 "cute" blouses for evenings out
* 5 lightweight long sleeve blouses
* 2 sweater vests
* 2 blazers
* 3 work-appropriate sweaters/hoodies
4 casual t-shirts (for working out and sleeping) (3*)
2 towels
* 2 queen flat sheets
8 pairs casual (workout) socks (2*)
4 pairs dress socks
2 packages nude pantyhose
2 pairs sneakers (1*)
2 pairs work flats (1*)
* 1 pair sandals
* 1 pair of dressy heels
* Layered ski jacket with warm shell
* Ski clothes (for warmth--you know, the good gloves and stuff)
* basic jewelry and accessories
* bathing suit & coverup
Ski boots if room, though this seems unlikely

1 unopened shampoo
2 unopened conditioner
Plenty of defrizz gunk that works (there are only a few brands that make my hair tolerable--lately I'm liking Fructis)
* 3 packages red hair dye
Makeup bag (carefully pared down to essentials)
Essential toiletries for approx 3 months
Hairbrush & many, many ponytail holders
Plenty of deodorant
Contact & glasses stuff
Medicines & basic first aid stuff

* A couple cat toys
* 2 packages wet catfood
The remaining dry catfood
Princess's brush
(Obviously) Princess
Cat carrier, with makeshift litterbox

* No more than 6 unread English books (the rest will be shipped).
Laptop and all peripherals (including iPod and V-Phone)
Digital camera
Pack of long life AA batteries
Old cell phone (for an alarm clock first couple days)
Favorite DVDs and comp games in small CD carry case
* 2 decks of cards
* Folder of "warm fuzzies" and 2 posters for home decor
* Edna St. Vincent Millay (my Bible)
* Shel Silverstein (my security blanket)
* Dream Journal (probably 2 near-empty ones)
Important documents

A couple extra "surprises" if there is room in my bags. This seems doubtful. It's about as barebones as I can get since I have to be all professional at work. The few luxuries I've allowed myself in this list are things I know bring me great joy or are very adaptable to many situations.

PS. If anyone would like to help me out tomorrow when I'm moving stuff out of the apartment into my parents' basement for storage, I would be highly appreciative!


  1. Wow. You are bringing a lot of stuff.

  2. Hm... Yeah. It might get pared down yet again before departure. We'll see. It feels like a lot, but I normally don't make lists. I fear I'll forget something important or pack too much of something useless without the list.

    It's pretty amazing how much less of a packrat I am than my family, but I still feel rather over-prepared. I could cope on less (rather easily, actually), so I may give up and just limit myself to a smaller bag.



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