Monday, August 20, 2007

New Strategy

As I'm packing up, I have a brand new strategy: Don't buy anything new for the trip!


So whatever's on the list from a couple days ago that I don't already have, I'll just have to figure out how to obtain in Korea in the event that I need it. Or have Mom ship it if absolutely necessary.

That and safety pins work miracles. I'll bring some of those.

Almost out. I'm gonna be unreliably available via computer for a few days, so the next time I post will likely be from Korea. This has got to be the single most exciting thing I've ever done in my life (those of you currently in Korea who glance at this thing once in awhile, don't laugh! moving on your own to a foreign country is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do... but it definitely qualifies as "exciting").

Peace out!


  1. Best of luck! We're all here for you when you get back! Not sure who "we" is right now, but you've still got me. That's right...go ahead and cry. I'll wait.


    Safe trip and good journey to you! :)


  2. Those are my thoughts exactly - I'll be in Changwon teaching in a week or two. It's exciting and intimidating and who knows how it'll turn out... but it will indeed be an adventure

  3. David--I'm still crying, I swear ;-).

    Kat--Ok, what I've learned in my 4 days here--bring pillowcases! I had to pay 20,000 won ($20) for two crappy ones at Costco--that was more than the two pillows!!! So lame. Everything else is pretty readily availible here if you're willing to be flexible and patient. I have some help from the foreigners who have been here a bit, without which it probably would have taken me 3-4 weeks to sort out the stuff I've learned in a couple days... so try to reach out to kind souls.

    I've heard the foreigner scene in Changwon is pretty awesome, so I hope you have fun there!



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