Thursday, August 23, 2007

My lord, I'm in Korea!

Princess and I landed in Daegu airport with very few snafus (I picked up the wrong customs form at Incheon and had to wait in the line twice and I didn't know how to fill out the animal declaration form, but the Koreans who helped me were very patient). Samson picked us up in Gwen's car (the married couple who are my bosses) and took us to the school (Ansim Oedae, pronounced WAY-day, Language Institute, I believe) where I met some fellow teachers and a couple students, one of whom laughed uncontrollably when he saw me (although after 20+ hours of flying, I'd probably laugh at my appearance, too!). The school itself is quite small with tiny classrooms--totally the opposite of Roosevelt. The staff office is very full of books and papers (and Gwen says they are hiring a new foreign teacher in September, so it will be quite crowded if everyone is in there at the same time), but it is better lit than the English bookroom and each person has her own workspace. While I was there, I picked up the school's first newsletter with articles from students--it was very cute and fun. Some of the students seem pretty advanced in their English study. I really think I'll like it there!

After school ended, Gwen drove me to Jane's (and soon to be my) apartment. It's awesome! First of all, the building is this older multi-family house that looks like a manor or villa or something. The gate is really nifty. The actual apartment is comfortably spacious. I have two separate rooms (one has A/C) and a main room with a neat built in bookshelf and kitchen. The bathroom is older and bizarre, but much larger than I expected.

I was so tired and dizzy, but Jane and Gwen had gotten everything all ready for my (and Princess's) arrival--I was so very grateful. I'm getting settled in and learning the neighborhood. I'll take pictures and stuff, but right now, I need a nap! I just wanted to let you all know I'm alive, and in KOREA! YAY!


  1. See Princess in her Korean kitchen here :-)

  2. I'm glad you made it safe. The idea that you are living in Korea still seems surreal to me.


  3. Yipeee!!! You (and Princess, too!) made it! How exciting!

  4. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. And the kitty too. :)


  5. Jane--Thanks for the picture! Mine are a lot less awesome, but that's ok.

    Janet--Well, Korea's a pretty surreal place, so it kind of seems that way to me too and I live here now! You can call me once the stupid number transfer goes through (hopefully next week).

    Sweetie & Dav--Thanks! I'm still jealous of your rennfesting, even if it's really exciting to be here right now.



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