Monday, August 13, 2007

In case you had doubts

Someone out there has been casting aspersions about my intentions to actually leave the country in eight days. (Not really; I just like the phrase "cast aspersions" and I don't get to employ it nearly often enough). I offer this photographic evidence of the visa I just picked up today and the Korean won I ordered from the bank last week. This is partly for Krystle who seems to be praying for a plane delay (her heart is in the right place) and partly for Dad who tried to wrench the thing out of my passport at dinner tonight in an unusual display of emotion. I'm really going, guys. I didn't even try to get into Roosevelt on this, the first day of pre-services for teachers (although I was tempted because I finished all my thank you cards working on the overnight shift at the hotline--I'll deliver them tomorrow).

Korean won is pretty cool looking, isn't it? I like that the 10,000 note (the largest denomination I got from the bank--worth a little over $10) is called a "man won" in Korean. Haha! I gets paid millions (two of 'em each month), all in man wons! Does that mean my love life will improve in a Konglish fashion, because that's kinda what that last sentence sounded like to me.

Now, exhausted from working all night and a stupid thought I had on the subway after I missed my stop (it can't be that far to walk from the next station down, right?), I will collapse for early bedtime.


  1. I *wish* they'd get a larger denomination bill. On the rare occasion that you need to buy something really expensive (like that plane ticket I bought to Russia - which luckily I was able to get refunded) you have to carry about huge wads of cash. Ahh well. That rarely happens. Looking forward to your arrival! Also, you don't need to pack toothpaste. The post office gave me four free tubes as a gift yesterday, and I surely won't use them in the limited time I've got left here. Korea's weird like that.

  2. Sometimes I read your blog or others about experiences in Korea and wonder how they cram so much random into such a small country. Toothpaste from the post office... OF COURSE! Makes complete sense. Happy good times. I may be laughing hysterically for most of the year... but that's pretty much what I do now anyways!

    Come to think of it now, America's pretty random, too.

    I'm excited! And I get to meet Mia! Woohoo--she's a famous cat, you know. Her picture's all over the internet. ;0)

  3. Eight days? I'm not ready for you to leave! *sniff*

    By which I mean, of course, that I'm happy and excited for you, and I'll miss you and hope everything goes well.


  4. I'll miss you too, Janet!




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