Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Finishing that novel...

I'm working on my daily writing habits. I've been good about updating this thing daily and about nighttime thoughts/morning dreams in my journals that I keep by the bed (usually all that stuff I'm not posting here because it's too middle school girlie--"I think he's so cute! I wonder if he likes me..." kind of crap--or it's ideas/snippets for my personal writing--stories, plays, poems, novels, etc). Like I tell my students, the primary way you get better at writing is to do a whole lot of it. That and read some good stuff and bother with revision.

I think I'm going go for it. I'll aim to write "real" pieces (as in the offline, non journal entry type) for 2 hours daily starting with my papers for my grad degree and then just replacing the daily habit with my stories not yet finished. Maybe, like exercising, I'll build up to it, starting with just 15 or 20 minutes... The goal is to force the habit and stop worrying about if I'm "good enough" to be a writer and just freaking write and let other people decide later on if they think it's publishable.

Later, I'll add an hour of revision work for previous pieces into the mix and then some time for sending manuscripts out, but it's all about habits--like exercising and eating healthfully.

Blogging has proven both addictive and useful as tools to "unlock the word hoard," so to speak (thanks Seamus Heany and your delightful translation of Beowulf).

Now, off to walk around the lake again!

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