Sunday, August 5, 2007

24 hours later.

I've discovered that there are, in fact, plenty of hours in a day--but only if you manage to stay awake for all of them.

Things I did during my 24 hour stay-awake-athon (in approximate chronological order):

--repaired the holes in the rudder of a boat with a fiberglass patching kit
--sanded the sides of the same boat to prep it for painting
--ate yummy pizza with Dad
--went shopping for Princess's travel supplies
--read a couple chapters of a book
--worked 8 hours at the hotline
--went to Willy K's (yes, I have been there on a Saturday night now and witnessed several arrests/searches/etc... awesome)
--met some cool people (friends of a friend)
--watched the sunrise

And boy, does lack of sleep ever make everything even mildly entertaining seem absofrigginlutely hilarious. It was great, even if I never did get to play Texas Hold 'Em.

Oh yeah. And I finally figured out why none of my relationships have lasted. Despite my parents' many problems and the fact that they used to fight all the time when we were younger and there are many things about their marriage that I would not want to emulate for myself, they have set unbelievably high standards for me about love. Can you believe that, even as they approach their 38th wedding anniversary, that Dad pulled out the "soulmates" bomb when describing their relationship?

Deeply flawed and weird people they may be, but they are also loving beyond all possible description. And that is kinda hard to find. I definitely have not!

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