Saturday, July 21, 2007

West Chop Lighthouse

A bit north of Vineyard Haven is the smaller village of West Chop. I went for a long walk out that way a few days ago and took some pictures.

Although West Chop has some beautiful beaches and grand houses with pretty gardens, it has a distinctively anti-tourist KEEP OUT sentiment that is evident in the many posted signs near pretty meadows, beaches, and the lighthouse. Sometimes we can forget (or at least ignore) the feelings of resentment against tourists by the locals here, but the evidence is there in abundance. As a visitor with the workshop program, I am somewhere between tourist (especially a repeat visitor) and summer resident (like the European college students who come here to work in ice cream shops and live in the hostel or the campground). Most people here, even the famous ones who live here year round or vacation here, are welcoming. But sometimes the cynical part of me wonders if it is more out of economic necessity than genuine camaraderie!

Anyhow, here are my favorite West Chop pictures, including the family of wild turkeys:

I hope you all are enjoying the pictures. My next set will be Oak Bluffs, the annual shark fishing tournament and the concert with Ben Taylor (son of Carly Simon who was there and James Taylor who was not). I've been terribly busy with graduate work and all the cool stuff I'm doing, so updates are not really regular. I am trying!

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