Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sarah and I

At 2:30 a.m. July 11, I kidnapped Sarah. I am devious.

Seriously, though, I had a terrible case of insomnia brought on by my witnessing the horrible death of a puppy that afternoon and anxiety/excitement about leaving for Martha's Vineyard.

I was restless and thinking about going out to an all night diner, when I noticed her IM was still active. I asked her if she wanted to come. After a few minutes convincing her that I was serious, I left to abscond with the lass for Denny's in Gaithersburg (as Damascus is seriously lacking in things that are open at pre-dawn hours). Unfortunately, Denny's no longer exists at this location, so we ended up driving all the way down to Rockville's Broadway Diner for a bite to eat. There were kindly police officers and other unscrupulous youths like ourselves there. It was very fun.

The Players:

Diana (D): Insane older sister

Sarah (S): Equally insane, much cuter, younger sister

D: (trying to whisper and failing miserably) Hey Sarah...let's go!
S: So tell me again: Why are we doing this?
D: Because I was hungry and it's fun!
S: Oh my god, Mom's going to kill me. She'll think I'm out making babies or something.
D: With your sister? Ew, that's gross.
S: No dumb-butt, she won't know it's you.
D: I told you I was kidnapping you. What are you doing with that video camera?
S: Um... taping your lame ass bopping around while you're driving.
D: (singing along to Rihanna) "Baby you got the keys... So shut up and drive..."
S: I basically love you right now.
D: Only basically?
S: God, you're such an idiot.
D: I know. Don't post that video online. Oh wait. I'm not a teacher anymore--go wild!

We were worried that my parents would wake up and be terrified that Sarah had run off in the middle of the night with a boy (horrors!), but even though we made a LOT of noise exiting and entering through the front door, we left at 3:30 and returned at 5 am with nary a peep from either of the folks. I even crashed at the house, with my car parked behind Dad's and he failed to notice when he left for work that morning. I was exhausted later that day, after driving Mom to & from the doctor's for her procedure that required anaesthesia, but finally made it home to pack for my trip.

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