Friday, July 6, 2007

Inspiring things...

So, one of the people whose blogs are linked over on the side there is Jane Keeler, a brilliant writer/photographer/teacher person whose job in Korea I'm taking over when she jets off to Siberia for a service project (which is awesome). Anyhow, she's really inspired me to get back in this blogging groove (since after college, I made all my livejournal entries private and stopped writing so often out of fear that I might be fired for it... stupid litigious America). I forgot how much I do enjoy it, even if no one reads what I write.

Anyhow, she wrote a cool bit for her blog group about her reasons for living as she does that is just awesome. I even commented on it at length.

You must read this (Yes, this is the same link as above).

That is all.

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