Thursday, July 12, 2007

I made it... just barely...

Update from the beautiful barrier island of Martha's Vineyard near Cape Cod. It was made famous and infamous by Ted Kennedy's drinking and driving (Chappaquiddick). I am here to rest, read, and write. Oh yeah, and finish my degree through the Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute with Northeastern University.

My trip up here was pretty hellish. I had not slept the night before the night I was packing from a rather silly incident I wrote about before with my little sister that involved kidnapping and hilarity. This made me excessively tired. I had stupidly left all my packing for the last minute, so it should not have surprised me when I again got almost no sleep and then had to drive for the nine hours it takes to get up here.

I took pictures of the ferry ride, but they are on the laptop computer at Downing House. When I get a chance, I will post more information for you and document my trip more accurately. For now, I'm just exhausted and finished running around the island doing various errands and dropped by Hough house to check the internet (which I can't seem to access from my house here).

I will say that for my class on young adult literature, I had to read a book recommended to me by my students, so on the (very long) drive up to the island, I listened to the memoir Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, MD. Although a little overtly spiritual for my tastes (yes, God sure saved that little girl who you operated on for 10 hours after years of some of the best medical training in the world... right...God... /sarcasm--although, to be fair to Mr. Carson, he does his best to rationalize his beliefs for us), the book was detailed and inspirational. I can see why my students enjoyed it so much. I might actually consider reading some of his other works (for some reason, I do find detailed descriptions of brain surgery fascinating... no joke!). He's not the best writer in the world, but his writing is more than competent and his voice is compelling. Give it a shot!

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  1. How cool! Jim and I spent some time in Nantucket "many moons" ago; I just love that area.



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