Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finished it...

My children's lit/YA prof had a horrible experience the day after the book was released. She found a slip of paper saying "Sorry... ____________ dies." How horrible. What a cowardly little snit to write it and leaving such a note somewhere laying about for Nancy J. to find it!

I finished Deathly Hallows now, and I will not kill you if you speak to me of it. Out of kindness not within the realm of the author of the aforementioned note, I will not post my comments about all the events of the book here. I will simply say that it is magnificent and I am pleased to see that Rowling maintained the integrity and tone of the series while still delighting and surprising her readership; fame has certainly not ruined this writer.

I would love to chat about it, though, so if you feel the intense need to babble and coo over the delights of the Wizarding world, I shall be available via telephone and e-mail.

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