Monday, July 16, 2007

Edgartown and South Beach

Today was a "reading day" which meant that while I had to do a ton of work on my papers and read a bunch of books for class, I had no scheduled activities. I woke up and started my paper that is due tomorrow for the children's lit class and around 10, Ellen popped in and said she was headed down to South Beach to read and asked if I wanted to come. Now, South Beach, which is also known as Katama, is about 10 miles south of Vineyard Haven, just outside of Edgartown, but it is by far my favorite beach on the island. It is not the most scenic or the most serene, but it is on the ocean side of the island and has the best waves for swimming. I jumped at the chance!

When we got there the weather was a bit gray and stormy but still very pleasant, but the best part was that the waves were brutally insane. Since I was a little kid and first vacationed at Virgina Beach during Hurricane Andrew, I have always craved bigger and badder waves to play in. It is only a "good day" at the beach from a swimming perspective if you have been knocked to the ground at least once. I am often disappointed by the small size of waves that terrify my companions. I tell you all this so that you understand when I say that today, the waves were perfect, though it is a little hard to see how huge these things were in the pictures (turn on comments--obviously the ones of me getting flipped were taken by Ellen!):

After all the insanity of the beach, we were starving, so we headed to a yummy sandwich shop in Edgartown and wandered about on the main street there. Edgartown has the best little quirky shops and most scenic gardens on the island, although everything there is very pricey.

The tea shop has a life-size butler mannequin out front, who is, quite frankly, a bit creepy:

This church had a beautiful little yard and a neat gift shop:

Where else but Martha's Vineyard would you find a scrimshaw gallery, huh?

These guys were outside a gallery that we couldn't go inside because they were power-washing the exterior. Given my love for harlequin jesters, I was disappointed to miss it, but glad I got this pic:

Whew! I was tired, but got home and cranked out my paper for class and read some articles before heading out (again) for dinner in Oak Bluffs. However, I stupidly forgot my camera. I will bring it another day and return to the Gingerbread Cottages, which are really quite an unbelievable sight. Good night!


  1. I like big waves, too. Jim and I affectionately call them bo-whee-mouths ;).

    Was the water cold?

  2. The water was the perfect temperature for the day. Cold enough to wake you up, but it wasn't shocking when the first wave hit you and dragged you under (and it did... big time!).

  3. Looks like fun. I like your pictures, especially the sailboats. You and your sister may be punished yet for the kidnapping adventure.



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